Green Smoothies For Runners

Green smoothies for runners are not only delicious; they also give us strong feelings and can also be an easy way of getting more vegetables and fruits to nourish the body system. This form of smoothies are easy to prepare and can be made out of just four basic ingredients.

Why You Need Them

Here are a few of the reasons why you should not be able to resist the power of green smoothies nor ignore its ability to improve your vitality for running.

1. Time saver.

Smoothies are very fast to prepare especially green smoothies. Having smoothies in the morning is preferable to tea or coffee if you are a runner. As an endless runner who has come to appreciate the power of green smoothies, I have developed a quicker way of preparing it which in the ends saves time. Cleaning up after preparation of a smoothie is discouraging, but it takes no effort to rinse the blades after a quick blend.

2. Digestible pre and post-run nutrition.

Smoothies are perfect if you don’t have an excellent appetite for any other meals. A green smoothie can be taken in the morning before a run and will also be great after a run to replenish the used up energy. Smoothies for a busy person can be prepared the night before a run. They can also be used to aid digestion which gives for an effortless run, and therefore this should probably be before the run. Green smoothies since they are very healthy can a legal form of performance enhancing for those who take runs. Green smoothies are also perfect as glucose which many runners use when they are exhausted.

3. Smart and simple way to gain five or ten.

The regular intake of smoothies can be an easy way to gain at least five nutrients daily. For a busy person, a glass of smoothie can be a way of having all the needed vitamins in the body. After a run, it is normal to be exhausted and have a craving for carbs and sugar like biscuits or even a slice of cake but a smoothie will be better and healthier and can also be used to complement the already consumed carbs. Having a smoothie instead of quick-fix carbs will give a runner the mind to choose fruits over chocolate or other snacks on other different occasions. 

I prefer to drink fruit drinks that are made from fruits that have excellent water contents like melon, apples, cucumber. On days that I take most of my vegetables solo, I add a little slice of Aloe Vera to spice it up, and then I can hit the ground running not before I make sure that I’m fit and well hydrated. For a runner and indeed every athlete, hydration is as important as the oxygen you will need for your races.

Taking water is not enough because it does not contain the other necessary nutrients that power the rigorous routine movement and perseverance of a runner. Trust me; green smoothies do the magic, if you are not drinking them yet, you are missing something.


The perfect home for green powders (especially moringa) and super food supplements are smoothies. One glass of smoothie is a super pack of pure green energy for the body and the soul. They are a combination of rich and essential nutrients that all runners need and must have. A smoothie without all these can only be described as incomplete.

Apart from the natural nutritional components of green smoothies, they always contain very potent antioxidants that promote health and fitness for an extended period. Over time, you will not only have nourished your body for your race; you would have ended up fortifying your body against cancers and other life threatening effects of modern living.


Life is not easy having all runners in the family, but I’ve got it under control. On weekdays I substitute chocolate, chips and small chops for nuts, froyo, and berries. I sleep better knowing that my runners are well fed and taken care of and I am too.

Though I make sure the smoothies are available, I do not allow it to take the fun away from life. I still ensure that we have a well-balanced diet fortified with mineral and vitamin essentials for a healthy runner and a healthy lifestyle.

Essential Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothie

Depending on the ingredients you put together for your smoothies, you can get the best combination for running paradise or you can just mess the whole thing up and not have a good experience. I will try as much as possible to highlight a few of the ingredients that you can put in your blender to make the best of smoothies for runners.

Remember, what you want to make is smoothies, not ice-cream; you need to make sure you do not add too much sugar or sugary fruits. You could end up making yourself too heavy for a run if you put too much sweeteners in your smoothies.

On the other hand however, if the purpose of the smoothie is good nutrition, you can get yourself a good deal of minerals, fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Here are the ingredients I have used over the past couple of years to make smoothies for myself and my family of runners:

Chia seeds

Goji berries


Camu camu

Maca powder


Coconut oil


Grass-fed whey

Hemp protein powder

Remember, I am not trying to say that you cannot use any other ingredients outside of these. Feel free to try out some other examples and let me know about your result. I will be excited to get a feedback on your experience with my ingredients or any other one you are able to lay your hands on.

Five Healthy Smoothies Which Are Perfect And Indispensable For Runners

Smoothies are very important for runners, whether it’s an early morning treat or for post-run recovery

The task of having a healthy meal with a fill of vitamins, protein, and nutrients often is a tedious process which is quite hard to keep up with. Therefore, with smoothies none of that will be quite necessary, smoothies provide a shortcut to all of that, in one quick-as-you-like drink.

So, here are some smoothies engineered for running specifically:

Sunrise Sensation

1 Cup (c) Ice

2 Sliced (s) Oranges

½ Lemon squeezed

2s Apples

1 Banana

I love sunrise sensation because it has this delicious and nutritious combination of vitamins that does wonders with the immune system and fortifies you for the stress and the strains that come with running and athletics generally. It is perfect for most mornings, and you have a very healthy blend of apples, bananas, and oranges together in the same awesomeness cup. Who will not trip for that?

Berry Boost smoothie

1c Ice

1c Cranberries

1c Blueberries

1c Strawberries

1c Cherries

1c Blackberries

This is the ideal smoothie for all those who favor berries above other fruits. About 85% of a single berry fruit is water, while the rest of the fruit is mostly fiber content. Berries are an incredible choice for athletes not because of the high water content, but also because they are filled with the vital vitamins and mineral prime for the full functioning of an athlete.

Protein Punch

1 Guava (seeds removed)

1c Blackberries

1c Strawberries

1c Almond milk

1tsp peanut butter

This is the perfect drink for post-running intake. The protein punch kick-starts your recovery almost as soon as you take it in, giving you the best chance to get back on your feet and keeps you pounding the pavements for as long as possible. The Guava fruit is unique because it contains the most protein out of all the fruits, plus with the combination almond milk and peanut butter, just know that you’re getting the best and most delicious protein drink.

Mango Madness

1s Mango

1c (8oz) Fat-free yogurt

1c Pineapple chunks

Mangoes are great for helping with weight loss, giving you smooth and clear skin, aiding the process of digestion and it tastes good too. A combination with fat-free yogurt provides you with a very healthy dose of calcium with pineapple providing the necessary anti-inflammatory, and this smoothie is go-to for injury-free running.

Green Giant

1s Kiwi

1s Apple

1s Banana

1c Spinach

1tsp Spirulina

2c water

Despite the fact that Spirulina has a nasty taste to most people, you can’t deny the fact that it still is important for your health but doesn’t worry you won’t be able to taste it around the taste of the other fruits which happen to be quite tasty. The protein from the green algae provides an avenue for the smoothie to also serve as a post-run smoothie making it a multi-functional smoothie. The spinach also contains a lot of nutrients, iron, and vitamins.

Whichever your choice is, make sure you have tried out a couple of them and you have gotten the one that fits your taste and nutritional needs the most.

22 thoughts on “Green Smoothies For Runners”

  1. Great post, thanks.

    I have always found that smoothies give me more energy before any form of exercise than a coffee. Sometimes I find them a little hard to digest, so give it a good 60 mins after my smoothie before a run but I definitely benefit from it in terms of energy.

    1. That i just more like me I cant eat anything at least 2 hours before training but the green smoothie is a fantastic pre running session drink. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Wow! Thank you for the recipes.
    I know that my body appreciates a blast of nutrition like you are suggesting, especially if it contains some leafy greens. I cannot do the spirulina powder, but I do take spirulina supplements.
    What would be your suggestion for a smoothie that can hide the taste of turmeric?

    1. I am glad you enjoy the recipes you would need strong flavours i.e lemon or lime but you can just go crazy and go for a Frankenstein monster and just add what you lol. Thanks for the comments.

  3. These sound delicious. I bet they are good for even if you are not running to give you the proper nourishment. The question I have is are these smoothies expensive to make?

    1. Its always best to go for organic fruit and vegetables but these do cost more. You can grab a bargain at your local market but it also does depend on where you shop I you go to a budget supermarket this will also help with cost.

  4. Thank you for all those great tips and the smoothies recipes, it looks so delicious 🙂

    It’s been 13 months since my daughter was born, and I couldn’t find the time to do sport. I feel tired most of the time so I do hope that smoothies will give me the strength that I need to run.

    Thank you for sharing! Great reading

    1. I know managing time is so hard as I have my 1.5 year old to look after but when I do get out for my running sessions it gives me my freedom and belive it or not more energy hen I have finished thanks for the comments.

  5. My neighbor introduced me to green smoothies about 4 years ago. Wow! What a difference it made in the amount of energy I had after exercise. I don’t always run daily but I do bike, walk or do something.
    I cannot wait to discuss some of your recipes with him and get started with drinking one of your green smoothies.
    I sometimes have to wait a while after drinking a smoothie before I can do much exercise but it is in my daily diet. Do you suggest waiting until after a run or exercise to consume the smoothie?
    I also have a bad habit of drinking coffee. Perhaps I will try to wean myself off.
    Thanks for the information, so glad I came upon this site.

    1. I always drink mine a few hours before I go out for a run because it is well digested for me by then and I don’t get a stitch. This energise me for my sessions. On the Coffee it is a great energy source, but for it to be perfect you need to have it black so no cream, milk or sugar lol thanks for the comments.

  6. Thank you James for the great information. I have had a few fruit smoothies in the past and they are good. But I haven’t had a lot. I hadn’t even thought about having green smoothies before reading this post so this was a real eye opener.

    I wonder though whether this is a good substitute for breakfast if I miss it.

    Anyway thanks again for the post and recipes I will have to try them.

    1. Thanks for the positive comments, We all know that you should never skip breakfast but sometimes our busy lives get in the way but a delicious green smoothies would be a great replacement and set your day off on a high. Thanks again

  7. Great information! I’m not successful yet in creating a tasty green smoothie. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Will continue experimenting.
    I’m interested in trying the Maca Powder. Is there a specific brand you would recommend?

    1. I get my powders from amazon. But don’t give you hope and keep trying till you find something you like. Thanks for the comments

  8. Hi James, thanks for writing this post. Some great tips and recipes! I was told that fruit drinks may introduce too much sugar to our system. Is that true and if so how do we balance having a fruit juice rather than other green smoothies?

    1. You have to become a label master lol, you need to looking at products that are organic with just natural sugars. Also you when it comes to fruit smoothies combined them with a balance diet and look at the recommended daily allowance on the packaging. Thanks for for the comments

  9. I used to make green smoothies a couple of years ago but my concoctions were disgusting. Part of the reason is because I can’t tolerate protein powders at all. I’ve even tried natural types of protein powders like hemp seed and I still couldn’t do it as the taste was just awful. However 2 months ago I discovered the raw eggs whites sold in bulk at Costco are pasteurized so I add these to my smoothies for my protein and seriously you can’t taste it at all. I especially love my banana, spinach smoothies. So cheap and so simple.

    1. When you make green smoothies there will some time be an ingredient that your pallet does not like the taste of, there are that many recipes though there is bound to be a mix that you find perfect for you and that you will drink time and time again.Thanks for the comments

  10. Awesome post. As a health enthusiast, I love drinking a nice, nutrient rich smoothie! I am definitely going to try out a few of your smoothie recipes. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

    1. I would love to see what other peoples opinions are on the smoothies I have included in my article that would be great thanks for the comments.

  11. I really like how you have pointed out the various ways I can enjoy my smoothie. I haven’t thought about it this way.
    Will definitely give it a try, thank you for this eye opener.

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