Hello And Welcome

So, You Want To Try Running? 

Fantastic And Welcome!

At the beginning of any journey a foundation must be laid, this is what beginningtorun.com is all about. We all have to start somewhere, whether we are wanting to start running, just as a little more me time or wanting one day to be in the London Marathon.

I will be discussing the foundation points for running to help you start your journey and get the basics down to a tee.

When I first started running I thought it just a case of you stick one leg in front of another and away you go. There are some starting points that need to be considered so you stay safe, injury free and getting the most out of your running.

I have had times in the past when I have had a little strain injury on my leg and rather than just resting for a few days, I would of gone out again the next day with the strain and hurt myself even more, ” you don’t need to tell me…… Stupid I know”

If I had at the time a little help and guidance this this would not have happened.

By knowing and understanding some of the basics you are less likely to burn out or quit, remember I want help make running a part of your life to help you with your journey.

If there are any topics that you wish for me to cover on my website, please contact me at james@beginningtorun.com and I will get back to you.

Enjoy the journey 🙂