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There is nothing quite like making new friends who are like minded, who want to achieve the same goals, so you need to be typing “running clubs near me” into Google. This is what I did and I now train every Thursday with the Farsley Flyers.

Running is a sport that can be practised individually or in a group. This choice is based on the goal of your exercise, since most people use the race to improve physical fitness and, especially, to strengthen social relationships. After all, running alongside family and friends is a great way to put these together. Since running, in addition to doing well for body health it is a great method to relieve stress from day to day.

Running should be fun, for many people, keeping their motivation intact and running on their own becomes a real struggle. Running with a group can be a very effective training tool and works well for many runners. So joining a running club gives you access to experienced athletes and scheduled workouts, increasing your chances of staying true to a running routine and learning to “run for fun.”

So what is a running club?

  1. A place to receive support and encouragement;
  2. A place to meet new people;
  3. A base to replenish and guarantee extra fuel for your body, for the training (a beer or two);
  4. A place to encourage races;

For this reason, running with a club is highly recommended. Group workouts are fun and relaxed, and you always have company to sweat, boosting your motivation and allowing you to share experiences that are great.

Finding the Best Running Club

Joining a proper running club according to your ability and goals is key to achieving successful training with the group. Some running groups are aimed at beginners and non-runners, while other groups are more elitist. Research the groups first of all to avoid feeling overwhelmed by not being in the right group.

Try to talk to the group contact person as well as some of the group’s leaders. If you do not feel comfortable in one group, do not be afraid and try another. There is nothing wrong with changing clubs so that you can adapt your current ability and goals. For example, if you leave the group of beginners exhausted and ready to join a more competitive club, look for the elite clubs in the area. If you consider these Running recommendations for women interested in joining a club, you will maximise your chances to find the right one for you.

Generally, the local running clubs offer a lot of activities like regular group running, beginning running programs, finding a running partner, organised racing event, local event to meet each other and much more. So pick the right one which you like.

Here are the most common ways you can find local running clubs


Looking on the internet is an easy and quick way to find a list of running clubs in the area where you live, if those clubs have a website or Facebook. Most clubs usually have some type of online presence, even if it is basic contact information.

Health and gyms clubs

There are a lot of local gyms and health clubs which offer sign-ups for running buddies. You just need to check their bulletin board.

Local public bulletin boards

Some clubs may not have an online presence, in that case, you can check the bulletin boards of local community centres, libraries, supermarkets and churches.

Local running stores

Local running stores are one of the most effective ways to find out about a local running club. In many big cities, there are many running stores that offer free runs from the retail locations. Most of them are open to the public.

Why should you join a Running Club?

Here are some reasons why should you join a running club:

1. – You will have a coach. Do you know how your training should change during the week? When entering a team of runners you will have an expert who, based on your physical condition, general health, goals and abilities, will design a training plan that will improve your goals and fulfil your personal goals.

2. – You will meet people. Do your friends say that you’re crazy because you run? Did you try to get your friends to feel the same passion as you for running and did not get it? If what you want is for someone to understand why running is your life and, besides, to train with you, a team of runners is the ideal place. Everyone loves to run, so you can make friends who like the sport as much as you do and, you do not have to beg them to run with you! They will also be an incentive to try to overcome your limits. They will encourage you in the hardest moments of training!

3. – Stimulate your mind. It’s okay if you love that lonely moment, after all, running helps you to meditate on your problems and deal with them more wisely, but running in company stimulates your creativity because you can share and exchange your ideas with others.

4. – You will improve your marks. After all, it’s healthy a bit of competition right? When you are running with friends you are also competing and defying yourself to be the best. I can assure you that you will even exceed the limits that you imposed yourself.

5. – You will feel motivated. Support and motivation are essential to not stay halfway and this applies to any discipline or activity in life, also to run. After a few years of running, you may feel like everything becomes monotonous. When you belong to a team of runners you will notice that you have new reasons to continue in this and, best of all, there will be many friends who will encourage you to keep trying.

6. – You will have security. Did you always want to run on the mountain, but is it dangerous? Running in groups exempts you from this problem and if you hurt yourself during the tour there will always be another one to help you. And the possibility of robberies or some kind of violent episode is also less.

Benefits of joining a Running Club:

Clubs are one of the main pillars of a sports community. A source of knowledge, advice and good practices that can help you improve your discipline. Belonging to a team of runners, especially if it has a certified trainer, brings to your career important physical and mental benefits that will help you run better. If you are considering joining one, we leave you a list of the points that we believe play in favour of this decision:

1. – Find a club that moves in your direction. There is a competitive spirit, which only meets on weekends to add kilometres. Those who focus more on physical fitness. Those who support you the best in the first steps. The experienced ones that can take you to conquer your next level. Investigate and test the club. Many have “free trials”, one or two weeks where you can analyse how well you fit.

2. – They help you discover new routes and trails. Yes, we know that thanks to Google Maps you can find many new routes, but sometimes the experience of the runners is much more important, especially when it comes to details that can not be seen on a satellite map, or in the metrics of a digital output. Clubs can be a living collection of roads you have not yet explored.

3. – If you are looking to improve your performance, they are an excellent place. If you want to improve your level of competition, there are clubs with super focused coaches in that category that will not give you respite and will ensure that the whole group achieves its goals. The best way to find these clubs is to go asking and researching the profile of the coaches to understand if it relates to your hunger for competition and so do not get frustrated. Since there are many clubs with very different goals.

4. – The fellowship is something that comes hand in hand with a club membership. In group outings, you will always have one or more following you, if you go last you will not be left behind for a long time.

5. – You will develop skills that will allow you to be a better athlete, even if your own goal is just for recreation. Coaches and experienced peers can be a box full of good advice when training: how to behave on a track, how to perform the reps, how to follow a platoon, how to attack a climb, etc.

6. – We know that in life, not everything is training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and clubs also know this. So it’s always good to follow them post-training in search of some place to recharge your energy after a good workout or some coffee to fill the tank after the morning departures. Get ready, surely the topic of conversation will be the coming race or the calendar of the year.

7. – Once you’re into one or more sports, from time to time you like to go for something new in the form of equipment, either to add to the list of things or to update something damaged. Clubs usually have discounts and access to special promotions with some brands, this is a plus point when choosing your club. This point should not be your priority when choosing, you just have to take it as an added value.

If you’ve ever tried running alone you know it can be difficult to get the motivation to go out and exercise. A running club is the perfect way to commit to running regularly. If you are new to running, it pays to consider joining a running club. Running clubs are exactly what they sound like: organisations for those people who are interested in running. Clubs are also a great way to find running partners to run with outside of club sessions. So always check the local public bulletin boards, give it a try and join the best running club which suits you.


21 thoughts on “Running Clubs Near Me”

  1. Great post, I loved running and currently run with a friend in the morning. We could always use more company, so I will try to find a group of people or a running club near me, thanks for recommending this.

    1. Thanks For the comment, it is best time to go running first thing on a morning. Too start the day with a bang.

  2. This is a great suggestion for anyone looking to run, but needs the extra support and motivation of a group. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Cool stuff here! I was a cross country runner in High School and ran a couple half marathons as well. It really was a lot of fun and joining a running group can keep you motivated. Great read and information here!

  4. Great post and good for you to take up running! I agree that joining a club or clinic is a great way to meet people, learn properly how to build up your runs properly and prevent injury… I used to run more but now I enjoy power walking lol. I do agree, the friendships that get made in these sorts of clubs are wonderful my friend is a marathon runner and there is a whole community of people she has connected with!

    1. I think it is the same in what ever you want to succeed in in life it gives you determination, inspiration and path to follow.
      Thanks for commenting

  5. hi James, thanks for this post. I totally agree with what you shared that being in a Running Club will motivate and inspire us more. I remember jogging alone before when I passed by a group of runners/joggers and though I am not one of their members, I joined the run and made some friends. I never really got to join their group formally but after reading your article, it made me think. Thanks for this brother =)

    1. I have have had quite a few people say to me that this article has given then a sence of direcion or start up running again and it makes me feel very proud.Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on joining a running club. I was part of a very good elite running club for a long time. But about a year ago I lost the motivation to train 5 times a week there. But as you mentioned there are so many benefits. So I probably will look for a new one.

    1. Thanks for that hart felt comment, when you get comments on giving people insperation it makes all the hard work you put in worth while. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Thank You

    Running clubs are a great idea for runners, this would help runners get together and work on their goals and support one another.


  8. Thank You

    I learned something new today from your website, I never knew there were such a thing as runners clubs. This would be great for anyone who enjoys running, this also could be a great motivator for singles who run alone.

    Living in a rural area I doubt if I will find a runners club locally, but it is a great idea and I encourage runners who can join a runners club go for it.

  9. I use to run all the time and I have never known any running clubs. I can see how it can help some people stay motivated to run. It is hard sometimes to keep a running schedule by yourself and having partners definitely help out with keeping a good running schedule.

    1. It helps making running a lifestyle not a activity and with any thing in life if you look at it that way the task in hand becomes much easyer thanks for the comment

  10. Running with a club sounds like the thing I should start to do. The things that would help the most would be changing the route I use, which has been the same for years. Also, the fellowship would double as fun and be a motivation to get going. With a club I would need commitment. Thanks.

    1. I use to be the same I would go for more flats on my own than choosing any hills to climb. With a running club they have a rout every week and different groups with different levels for you to try. Thanks for the comments.

  11. Great Idea

    I like the teamwork aspect and accountability as mentioned in the article.

    You suggestion about getting the run first thing in the morning is great. With our busy schedules if I don’t do it then it often will not get done.

    Great to read and some great information.

    How long have you been running?

    1. Thanks for the comment Robert I have been running on and off for years but within the last 6 months I have been re born with my running and I am on a fantastic journey now.

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