What Do We Run For?

I want to ask you a question you guessed it What Do We Run For?

I saw this video on Youtube and just had to share it with you all. Just to give you some in site, that when it comes to running we all have different goals and reasons for doing what we love . This video was provided by Team World Vision.

What do you run for? Please let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy 🙂

18 thoughts on “What Do We Run For?”

  1. I run for the sense of freedom it gives me when I am out on the open road with my music on and its just me in my little bubble.

  2. I run (ran) mainly to test myself and see if I could. Then I ran for my life…..to keep healthy. Remember when we were little kids, we ran all over the place. No need to stop when you grow up.

    1. Thanks Warren

      You are quite right when we where children we run everywhere and all it was about was having fun with your friends I still have that fun at the moment with my local running club the Farsley Flyers.

  3. I run because it is so simple. I can maintain my health and I can do it anywhere and anytime I want. We don’t need some expensive tool. Just keep running..

    1. Thanks for the comment I so agree and this is why I picked running as a life choice to any other exercice because it can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be. From beginner to expert any body can get in to running.

  4. I love running because it’s a great feeling when you finish and take a shower, and it makes you stay in shape and also get a good body that you will be proud about!
    Thanks for sharing with you the best!

    1. For me it takes time to kick in usually about an hour once my body has had time to come round and the endorphins are released into my body,then I am so happy.
      Thanks for the comment

  5. Hey James,

    Great post buddy! I run because 1. I like challenging myself, and 2. to keep fit and healthy. We do the Kirra Parkrun every Saturday and love that. Running is part of my life. Great question to ask.

    Cheers mate,


    1. This is the same reason I joined a running club for the challenge, I am with the Farlsey Flyers and we go out every Thursday. Its not an activity it is a life style. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Thank you for sharing this video! Any tips on running daily when there is the issue of bad weather? Thank you 🙂

    1. I don’t run every day as I believe your body needs time to recover. As for the weather I run in all weather, I like it best when it is cool and raining as it helps regulate your body temperature. Thanks for the comments.

  7. I run to exercise my leg muscle and improve my O2 intake because my job is the kind that I used to much sitting or paperwork job. I need running to increase alertness. I have ever read that run can improve our ability to make decisions.

    1. Any activity where you are pumping blood and oxygen around the body, helps you with brain activity. It also help with what I like to call positive energy, that make you happy.
      Thanks for the comments.

  8. Actually I used to dislike running because I don’t like being out of breath and the hurting knees. Recently I have been forced to run because I am rushed for time many times, and I have slowly changed my mind about running because now I appreciate the good feeling it gives me, with the wind rushing by and the beautiful scenery around, not to mention being able to keep fit at the same time. Thanks for the great video!

    1. Some times in life we so have obsticles or challenches that get in our way mentally and physically. It is how we deal with them as a person that make us unique. Never give up!

  9. I ran in the past to lose weight. I know some run to relieve stress or have a sense of freedom. For me, it has always been to be in better shape. It is interesting to hear different reasons as to why people run. I can’t really run anymore, but running can be a pain and it can also be a rewarding feeling. Why do you run?

    1. Great question I run and do what I do because it gives my life meaning and sense of direction, it also keeps me focused on my life to help me make the right decisions. Thanks for the comment.

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